Dottori Commercialisti Studio Ponchio Avvocati Studio Soncini Sironi Parisi Avvocato Lorenzo Ferraresi
Dottori Commercialisti Studio Ponchio Avvocati Studio Soncini Sironi Parisi Avvocato Lorenzo Ferraresi
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Reorganization of companies and corporate operations

Optimize resources, reorganize processes, safeguard assets, expand management strategies towards new business objectives.


Management control and company check-up

Analyzing the resources used and their productivity is essential to become aware of the company’s health and guide the entrepreneur in future choices, including those of a strategic nature.


Generational change and asset protection

The generational change or change is a path that sooner or later presents itself in the life of a company; it must be faced in advance and the different phases must be carefully planned. It is an opportunity to ensure the continuity and future of the company while preserving its assets.


Legal Audit

Statutory audit is a sensitive matter. We want to help you.


Payroll – personnel management

We take care of the entire administrative management process of human resources, dealing with contractual, insurance and tax aspects. Complete management of employees, from the hiring of the worker to the termination of the employment relationship, with the implementation and fulfillment of all legal, social security and tax obligations (payslip processing).


Corporate and contractual consultancy

The netword advises in the drafting and negotiation of contracts for both commercial and private sector activities.


Accounting services and ordinary tax assistance

The legislation requires all companies to have an adequate administrative structure. In the growth and development phase, to carry out proper management, it is essential for the company to know its numbers and therefore keep the accounts correctly. The company must be able to promptly process the data, transforming it into useful information, which is made available to the entrepreneur so that the best decisions can be made.


M&A – extraordinary transactions and due diligence

The acquisition or sale of a company or a company can take place in different ways and using different paths that can lead to completely different tax and financial consequences.


Legal assistance

360-degree legal assistance with lawyers specialized in individual areas of expertise. Administrative law, criminal law, civil law.


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